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Dear friends, 
    Thanks to the great kindness and support of all my colleagues, after ten years of development and growth, Shandong Jiuchang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. now walks in the forefront of the times in the crushing machinery industry, and has been one of the leading companies in the same industry. Nowadays, the "JIUCHANG" brand has become a reliable, reasonable price, customer satisfied brand. Jiuchang’s achievements today is inseparable from the help, support, care, and nine years of company of our whole staff and customers. However, we will not rest on its laurels, even a little slack.
    Looking back on the journey, we are very pleased that the Jiuchang people, with high-quality products and good faith management, has won domestic and international customer’s recognition. Product salability let us have strong capital for further development. Constantly optimizing the product structure gives us continued competitiveness in the market both home and abroad. Constantly improve the mechanism to ensure the enterprise operation growing scientifically and efficiently. Favorable entrepreneurial spirit and corporate culture make Jiuchang people devote to work more passionately, we firmly believe that hard work will win us a prosperous future.
    Faced with the rapidly changing market, we always take the market development and customer service oriented, increase the intensity of investment in science and technology for development of new products, continually to develop products with independent intellectual property rights, expand the company's the market share for our leading products, expand foreign exchanges, to absorb the international advanced management experiences and technologies. We endeavor to build Jiuhang heavy industries  into the leading peer, strong internationally competitiveness first-class enterprise.
    The highest good is like water, great virtue promotes growth.Facing the future development, we will always keep the spirit of enterprise, will endure as we endured in the past to run humanely, elaborate manufacturing, excellent service management philosophy. We specialized in crushing engineering, mechanical equipment, wear-resistant materials technological product research and manufacturing, and we believe Jiuchang's tomorrow will be better.

                                                                                                                                General Manager:Lee Kun

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