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Distributing Device
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Distributing Device

  Distributing device is composed of main body,adjusting device,the activity board,vibration motor,etc.distributing device is suitable for powder or bulk materials sent evenly into the roll crusher feed  mouth, can greatly increase the roll crusher crushing efficiency and broken particle size, This feeder-free dynamic type, with economical and practical, uniform fabric, easy installation, etc. It is widely used in a variety of large and medium-sized roller crusher.

Working Principle
    Work activities distributor plate and the body panels were closed, the material from the belt conveyor or feeder into the distributor when the material filled with fabric, open the vibration motor, turn the hand wheel to drive the activities of the board downward adjustment device open , starting from the fabric material outlet flow out of the formation and the formation of a uniform material curtain, then evenly into the roll crusher.

Technical Parameters

Note: Due to continuous technological improvement equipment, the above data for reference only, actual data to CAD drawings electronic version shall prevail.


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