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    Jiuchang Heavy Industry has always been firmly believing that "talent is the first motive force of enterprise development". We implement talent strategy for thriving enterprise and continue to employ new top talents. We take "respect labor, respect knowledge, respect talent, respect innovation" as our guidance. We make the suitable talent-developing strategy for core talent to ensure enterprise development " , to ensure the establishment and build the whole core talent echelon, providing strong guarantee in the market competition.
Employing principles
    At first, we must identify with the corporate culture and the development of ideas, the company will assess the candidate's moral character , business ability, professional level.
Acceptance Talent
  Jiuchang will consider each employee’s moral character and competence. At first,you must have a a good professional ethics, then we went to examine the competence.
Cultivating talent
    Jiuchang will give employees comprehensive and system-wide fostering as per your specialty in order to lay a good foundation for future development.
Utilizing talent
  Best talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development, it is the driving force of enterprise sustainable development. Jiuchang Heavy Industries not only pay attention to the cultivation of the talent, but also provide suitable jabs according to  employee’s competence.

Retain Talent
 Jiuchang Heavy Industry provided a fair competition platform and broad space for development with you to achieve self-realization.

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