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Energy-Saving Roller Press
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Energy-Saving Roller Press Introduction
    Energy-saving roller press is my company integrated all the advantages of roller press in the
market, it is the most reliable grinding equipment that develops by ourselves, suitable for compressive strength less than 300Mpa, humidity less than 30% of the fine crushing hard materials operations, be widely used in cement, mining, metallurgy, ceramics and other industries.
    Energy-saving roller press machine configuration of two solid grinding rolls, roller surface
adopt welding and hard alloy casting roller surface, for feed size less than 40mm and the discharge size 4-15mm or less fine crushing. If the pre-crushing mill cement industry cement clinker, limestone and composites; former iron ore into the mill pre-crushing industry slag, iron ore, silicon ore; brick factory crushing all kinds of ores and other unburned do; or similar to the above broken occasion.

Working Principle

    Energy-saving roller press machine depending on the two opposite rotating solid grinding roller relatively high-speed rotation, the use of inertia dynamics to produce high extrusion pressure (typically pressure to 150MPa), the material through the feeding device into the gap between the two rollers (V crusher chamber)after being squeezed and cut the material change mechanism, completely destroyed the internal crystal structure of the material, so as to achieve cake and powder, finally falling from the gap between the rolls ,then being exhausted from the discharge port.


Technical Parameters


Note: All the information is for reference only, CAD drawing shall be more accurate. 



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