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High Pressure Ball Forming Machine
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High Pressure Ball Forming Machine Introduction

      On the strength of absorbing foreign advanced technology, high [pressure dry method ball forming machine is based on independent research and design of the second generation. The discharged particles have the characteristics of good grain shape, high strength, low dust, cleaning and easy maintenance features. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, soda ash, fertilizer, feed, plastics additives, food, cosmetics and other dry granulation occasions.

Working Principle

       Powdered materials are added to the main hopper by spiral to keep the internal stability of material level. The powdery materials are pre-compressed by the vertical cone screw machine, and then are sent to the cavity formed by the two rollers on which the surface is uniformly distributed the same shape mold. Through the power transmission, so that the two pressure rollers keeping the same speed relative rotation, the powder conveyed is  enforce compression in the roller cavity. After the compression molding powder, under its elasticity and gravity fall, a small amount of not loose sheets by scraper scraping down .Through changing the roll surface mould, can get the ball, strips, flat ball materials, according to the size requirements sifting, grading, granular products meet the quality requirements carried away, return to the main silo fine sieve to form a closed loop granulation.
1. High pressure ball forming machine is compacted powder material into particles , the particle
size and shape is determined by the end use of the product. If the weak adhesion between the powder , the binder needs to be added when taking shape .The physical properties of the feed , the end use of the particles and the cost of the binder , there are all decided to adopt what kind of process factors to consider. There are many kinds of adhesive ,such as starch , bentonite , asphalt , lime , cement, water, flour , lignosulfonates , syrup , polymers, resins , wow , sodium , etc., according to the different of processing materials, the adopted adhesive is different and different nature of the final product , granulating process can choose high pressure or low pressure
2. High pressure ball forming machine is composed of two roller: a fixed ( fixing roller ) of the
extruder frame , the other can move vertically ( active roller ) in the axial direction . Roller diameter and width , are important technical parameters for roll granulator, because it determines the size of the roll granulator. The tangential speed of the rollers determines the squeezing time , the squeezing time determines the quality of densification material, extrusion time along the ratio of the apparent density and the true density  going down with increases, such as hollow volume increased in the material , line roller speed can reach 25RPM, under certain circumstances can also reach higher.
3. There are many choices for working surface mould, the roller surface material is specially
treated (steel, stainless steel, cast iron, etc.) The choice of materials is determined by the handle material wear resistance, corrosion resistance and the into block conditions (temperature of the material, the extrusion pressure)
4. The feed system is the key to affect the overall extrusion and efficiency, the company
depending on the different processing materials  , design a variety of feed system : a, the under hopper feeder: gravity feed, if necessary, the system can with a side tilt plate , tilt plates can be manually or automatically adjust the position ;    b, Fabric distributor and feed bin :the system can make materials uniform distribution on the surface of width roller, homogeneous material is the key to get quality homogeneous material block c, boost feeders, With vertical conical single screw feeder for pre increase the density of products , and feed to the roller surface . If the product of high gas content, then the boost feeder will be configured exhaust system ( with pump ) to remove the amount of air contained in the material ; d, above feed system can be configured with a special floating shoulder plate , which reduces the roll grinding the side leakage and improve the efficiency of the extrusion area .
5. Most of the high pressure ball forming machine is equipped with a special double output
reducer and gear coupling , so that it can make withstand axial partial caused by moving roller sports .Mobile roller coupling can be configured roller circumferential regulator, keep fixed roller concave capsule completely in sync. Special circumstances, it can use other drive system (planetary gearboxes, hydraulic motors)
6. High pressure ball forming machine is equipped with a hydraulic system, which can promote
the activities of the roll by hydraulic cylinders. System with a double hydraulic circuit, in certain situations, the force to the bearing of mobile roller can be different. System equipped with a safety device and a nitrogen memory for buffering the moving rollers and the roller is moving quickly back; when foreign matter accidentally falling into roll gap, the device can protect the granulator. Pressure to give the product (material) can be between 2-30 Mpa(roll width surface)adjustment; under special circumstances, the pressure value can be larger

1. the material forced by mechanical pressure compression molding, you need not add any

wetting agent, the product purity is assured.
2. dry granulation directly, without subsequent drying process, is more conducive to the

convergence of existing production processes and transformation.
3. high particle strength, can increase the bulk specific gravity of 1.5 to 3 times, the product is

particularly suitable for increasing the bulk specific gravity.
4. it can control environmental pollution, reduce waste powder and packaging costs, improve

product transport capacity.
5. compact structure, easy maintenance, simple operation, short process, low energy

consumption, high efficiency, low failure rate, suitable for a wide range of raw materials.
1. the chemical product: (sulfate, sodium chloride, carbonates, sodium cyanide, potassium

sulfate, potassium bromide, boric acid, urea, calcium hypochlorite), detergents, phosphate

(hot-pressing cake or cold-pressing cake)
2. mining (bauxite, bauxite, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, magnesium oxide, fluorspar, paint

pigments, sulfur), FGD gypsum produced
3. ore (chromium, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, lead, zinc)
4. metal oxides (oxides, rare earth metal oxide, hydroxide, zirconium alloys, molybdenum

trioxide, zircon sand)
5. the production of home heating or industrial end briquette, activated charcoal, clay, lignite,

peat, charcoal, smoke, coke cream
6. glass ingredients, graphite, iron and steel plant wastes and by-products (sludge, dust,

powder sintering, rolling scrap, coke powder), dried sludge
7. frozen food, sugar.

Technical Parameters

 Note: Due to continuous technological improvement equipment, the above data for reference only, actual data to CAD drawings electronic version are accurate.






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