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Electronic Soft Start Control Cabinet
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Electronic Soft Start Control Cabinet Introduction
      SEC electric soft start control panel is special design for three phase asynchronism, it is a digital brainpower start equipment which used to protect the motors and saving energy. Soft-start control cabinet is a kind of electrical installations which integrated with computer control technology, digital signal processing, silicon-controlled technology, digital communication technology and automatic control technology. In the starting process, the use of phase control principle makes the control of thyristor conduction angle increases so that the motor terminal voltage increases gradually from zero by function set, then starting torque and speed are gradually increased, the no impact start, start automatically transferred to full-voltage operation is completed.
Performance Characteristics
1.    Lower motor starting current and reduce the capacity of distribution.

2.    Decrease the starting stress and prolong the motor and the other device’s service life.

3.    Steadily soft start and soft stop, avoiding surge problem of traditional device starting and water hammer impact.

4.    With various starting models and wide setting range of voltage and current, it can suitable for many load conditions

5.    It is an ideal equipment of protecting the motor and related devices.

6.     It is designed for frequently starting and stopping.

7.    Water supplying projects and fire fighting in high-rise, residence community, enterprise and public institution.

8.    Recycling system of central air condition and dual water supply system.

9.    Industrial and mining establishments process water supplying, such as cooling water recycling, boiler water supplying system.

10.  Constant pressure system in oil pipeline ,oil house, oil pump station etc.

11.  Waterworks, water supply pump station.

12.  Sewage and wastewater disposal

13.  Large square, park grass and farmland irrigation and drainage system

Technical Parameters

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