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Double Shaft Shredder
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Double Shaft Shredder 
    2PGS Series Shaft Shredder is an waste recycling equipment which we  research and development Independently on the basis of absorption of foreign advanced technology , adoption of customer recommendations and many years of manufacturing experience.
    Shredding cutter adopts special alloy steel (HSS) and a special processing technology, has the feature of good wear resistance, high strength , repairable, etc. Shredding cutter adopts differential rotation to form a shredding chamber. After entering into the chamber, the material will be torn into the desired particle size.
    Cutter is various in terms of thickness , shape and arrangement of the order, with high shearing force to improve the efficiency of the shredder. Driving part adopt heavy load planetary gear reducer, with characteristics of low speed, high torque , low noise. Bearing block can be opened easily. It’s easy to disassemble. The interchangeability of parts is better. Extra thick plate with welding technology frame structure , large angle six prism rotation axis with strong rotating force, strong large diameter hopper, so you can throw into bulk raw material. Electrical parts adopts PLC and touch screen control applications with video surveillance systems, automatic detection of overload protection and other functions.
    This equipment is suitable for shredding large , thick , hard pieces of material. It has the features of evenly discharging materials, size controllable, high crushing efficiency. This shredder can be widely applied to the shredding job in the recycling industry. Products have been sold to domestic and foreign markets, and favored by all customers.
Apply to the following materials:
1 , vehicle accessories : waste tires , aluminum , oil filter, engine housings, aluminum scrap , copper scrap and plate thickness of less than 10mm and scrap forklift pallet
2 , barrel -type products : plastic buckets , metal drums, paint bucket , IBC barrels, trash , drums
3 , metal products : aluminum , cans , metal cans , oil filters , aluminum skin, aluminum, iron , scrap steel , iron , copper and other scrap metal materials
4 , waste categories: household garbage , industrial waste food waste , garden refuse ;
5 , plastic products : large plastic pipes, pipe fittings , plastic bottles, plastic boxes , plastic blocks , plastic containers , roll film , bags
6 , wood paper : wood, paper , cardboard, corrugated paper , copy paper
7 , electronic appliances : refrigerator shell , circuit boards, laptop computer case , CD discs used televisions, washing machines
8 , glass products : glass wool, glass , glass bottles, glass and steel products
9 , medical waste : small pieces of medical equipment, clinical waste , pharmaceutical waste , infectious waste , plastic waste , latex material waste , syringes, type of waste
10 , DG : solid hazardous waste , barrels containing pollutants, liquid and solid mixed waste , household hazardous waste , sprayers, industrial sludge , various radioactive hazardous waste , nuclear fuel rods.
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