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Eccentric Vibrating Feeder
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Eccentric Vibrating Feeder Introduction:

      Eccentric vibrating feeder is a kind of feeder of which eccentric block is the source of the excitation. It can convey the massive, granular materials from the feed bin to the conveyor device in a uniform quantitative, continuous way. Features: simple structure, smooth vibration, uniform feeding, low noise, good regulating performance, without blanking problems. It is widely used in coal mining, stone field, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mineral separation, coal mining and other similar industries.

Working  Principle
      Eccentric vibrating feeder adopt the use of centrifugal force produced by the eccentric block in the vibrator, so that make movable parts of the vibrating feeder body move circularly or do the approximate circular motion. With the vibration in a inclined plane,the material do continuously throwing motion and uniformly sent the material to the conveyor device continuously.
Technical Parameters

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